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Marion Wozniak

Website Development & CMS Consulting

Do you need to create a website for your small business?  Perhaps you already have a website, but have no time to update it?   Maybe your admin quit so you have no one to help you with it?  Whether creating a website from scratch or just refreshing your site, Solution Chick can provide that support.


The  Consulting Journey

Steps for our Joint Success

Introductory Consultation

Our journey begins with a personal conference so that we can outline your ideas and needs for your website, plus chat about possible design.  Afterwards, you will receive a summary of the scope of the project that will assess the required time, complexity and pricing of the project.

Project Work

Once we agree on the scope of the project, the design work will begin.  Throughout the project, you will be kept informed on its progress via a series of meetings and email correspondence, allowing you to weigh in on the design choices.

Project Success!

After you approve the final design, the website will be ready to be published and your business can thrive with your new online presence!


My Portfolio

Every project is designed to meet your unique needs.  Browse this portfolio to see sample websites that I have designed.


In this example,  CSS and HTML were used to create an example one page business website with images and social links.

One Page Portfolio Example

Cute Girl

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